Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones - Music for Relax and Sleep

"Embrace the harmonies of your mind with binaural beats; let their gentle rhythms guide you towards serenity in meditation, unlocking inner peace and profound focus."


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All Seven Chakras Blanacing Frequency
a nice addition to your meditation experience, Chakra Balancing helps you to become centered, as each of your body’s energy centers is cleared and balanced when you listen to this 30 minute recording. revitalize your body and expand your consciousness and return from your inner journey, ready to be present in the moment.
Activate The LightBody
You have all you need within you to live an abundant, joyful, peaceful life! By cultivating a strong connection to the energy within and surrounding your body, you set yourself up to enjoy harmony in everything you do. Experience an energy rush through your entire being as high vibrations are radiated from within your mind to the ends of your body and beyond. The use of this energizing 30 minute recording can help you increase our energy naturally, bring you closer to yourself and your loved ones, and attract new opportunities into your life
Divine Matrix
Connect To The Divine Matrix
As our routines become more hectic, the pressures of outside influence can make us feel powerless to create change in our own lives. Harness your personal powers of manifestation and transform your desires into physical reality by tuning into the Logoic Plane that surrounds your entire being. Feel the light of your personal Soul Star as it pours into your being and connects you directly to the mainframe of Creation. Listening to this penetrating 30 minute recording can help you transform the way you interact with and experience the world by enabling you to draw upon the Creative force of the Universe.
out of body experience
whether you’ve had an out of body experience or are curious about what it’s like to separate your consciousness from your physical body, ‘out of body experience’ can help you develop the meditative skills to achieve this lucid dream-like state. this 30 minute mp3 can help you reach the state between sleep and wakefulness when most out of body experiences occur.
astral travel
enhance your esoteric experience with ‘astral projection.’ your 30 minute journey will help improve your focus, concentration and confidence, allowing you to get the most out of your next astral journey.