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Reality Shifting and Visualization Issues: Alternatives and Effective Exercises

Reality & Shifting

DR: Desierd RealityCR: Current Reality

Reality shifting solely depends on visualization, the practice of using mental images to create or recreate a visual representation of any event or object. Visualization is essential here because it allows shifters to project their desired realities from their imaginations to a decent observation environment, also known as the mind, allowing its practitioners to emerge themselves within small fragments of their DRs.

However, visualization is not the way to go for many reality shifters. It can be challenging for most people and ruin their desire to experience the beauty of shifting realities. So, how do people shift without relying on visualization? Is there any other alternative practice that can fulfill what visualization fails to offer most people?

The Misunderstanding of How Visualization Works:

Spirituality and the mind eye to shift realities
**The Cosmic Sound OM

The first thing you might think about after hearing the word visualization is the ability to create images using our minds and be able to see them. This might be true, but it does not apply to everything visualization has to offer. It's not entirely entitled to see images; visualizations extend to all our five senses, so instead of just trying to see an object, we can also try to hear, smell, or even touch it.

Most people understand visualization as visual imagination, which involves creating mental images or scenes purely through visual cues. It’s the ability to see things in our “mind’s eye.”

One of the best visualization systems for broad comprehension is tactile imagination. It involves mentally creating sensory experiences related to touch, pressure, and physical sensations. It goes beyond visual imagery and engages other senses. More about this can be explored within the NEW energy work, a book that I would like to suggest is Energy Work: The Secrets of Healing and Spiritual Growth by Robert Bruce.

Is Visualization Critical to Shifting?

Yes, visualization can make a big difference in whether shifting is possible or challenging. Most people familiar with visualization find it easier to visit their desired realities in a shorter period than those who have never heard about it.

It would be easier for them to connect with their DR due to their ability to explore those realities from our current one, whether it’s a landscape, fictional characters, or simply a vibe; Visualization techniques can be a decisive advantage.

However, despite its role as a game-changer, it is not a game-ender(Everyone can shift, with visualization or not). Many people have issues with visualization, it's just not something they personally feel uncomfortable with or have issues practicing.

Health conditions can play a critical role here, dyslexia or visual agnosia can directly impact the ability to visualize, I would highly recommend you visit your doctor if any headaches or Hallucinations occur during or after practicing visualization, you can prescribe it to them as a meditation session if you feel uncomfortable talking sharing about reality shifting, Visualization might not be your thing and it's totally fine we got you some tips.

berenice abbott magnetic field
**Magnetic field -Berenicea Abbott

Visualization Alternatives and Solutions

Keep Learning:

The first thing you want to do is to check if you are doing it right. There are many definitions of visualization. Keep in mind that most of them are linked to religious and spiritual beliefs, which you might not agree with. Take time to explore your research and find what better suits you.

Forgot about Visuals:

Tactile imagination, mentioned earlier here, is indeed a powerful tool. If you struggle with the visual aspect of visualization, which most people do, then I highly recommend you explore it. You will basically learn how to recreate what you just experienced not only physically but mentally. There are many advanced exercises like energy balls. Note that they also offer health benefits besides helping you with the shifting journey.

Scripting is the way:

Scripting is one alternative that many shifters look forward to improving on, it's basically writing down your desired reality characteristics, including your own body personalization, the worldbuilding, and other aspects of your desired reality. Scripting is usually done in a separate journal or notebook. This is no requirement, but it can be helpful in organizations and to protect your privacy. However, what makes scripting a visualization killer is its ability to bring us closer to our desired reality without relying exclusively on mental powers. It can be done simply by sitting and writing down everything you want in your DR.

Most people prefer to write a script 4 to 5 hours before shifting, forget about it, and read it right before when ready to shift. There is no unified way for scripting, and you might stumble upon many templates. Just take your time finding what works best for you.

The umtiverse god eye sam del russi
**Multiverse -By Sam Del Russi

Non-Visualization Shifting Techniques:

The Pillow Shifting Method:

To Explore your desired reality using the pillow-shifting technique, write affirmations and a script for your preferred reality on separate sheets of paper. Before sleeping, read the script and repeat the affirmations, then place the papers under your pillow. If sleep is challenging, listen to subliminal or calming sounds. Have confidence and accept that you'll enter a unique reality upon waking. Doubts may hinder success.

Vision Boards:

While typically associated with visualization, vision boards can also be created using non-visual techniques. Instead of images, you can use words, symbols, or tactile materials to represent your desired reality. Placing the vision board in a prominent location constantly reminds you of your goals and intentions.

Final Words:

To achieve successful reality shifting without sole dependence on visualization, explore alternative methods like scripting and tactile imagination. These approaches offer diverse avenues for manifesting desired realities, empowering individuals to tap into their creativity and inner resources. By embracing these techniques, you can cultivate a sense of agency and harness your potential to shape your reality according to your aspirations..

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