# Reality Shifting Vs Quantum Jumping: Similarities and Differences

Reality Shifting and Quantum jumping: What are the differences and similarities?

Reality & Shifting

DR: Desierd RealityCR: current Reality

Reality shifting and quantum Jumps are based on the idea of moving consciousness from one reality to another. In agreement, this can only happen due to the nature of the Multiverse; however, recent discussions on social media argue that none of these fascinating concepts are related.

Active users on quantum jumping and reality-shifting communities share many ideas and personal experiences; now with the lack of solid scientific proof, many users take advantage to mislead, overtake their personal experiences to attempt creating a theory then force it on other people, or even harass other users for not having a solid understanding (they say) of these concepts.

In this article, I will try my best to show you guys how, even with big differences, both reality-shifting and quantum-jumping can be unified, we will also explore the possibility of using them together if any of your shifting/Jumping journeys require that.

What makes Quantum Jumping?

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Quantum Jumping is a conscious-intention-heavy subject. Its practitioners must accept that by aligning their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with desired outcomes, they can affect the associated quantum probabilities and jump into those possibilities.

While a solid understanding of the multiverse theory is required to meet the quantum jumping standards, many of its practitioners believe that all possibilities within the multiverse are limited to our current reality. This means it's only possible to jump into another similar reality: the same person and world. In other words, quantum jumping practitioners can only move different possibilities within their current realities.

To many first encounters, it might seem that quantum jumping is fully inspired by our interpretation of quantum mechanics within the scientific understanding. Most of its laws and concepts are drawn from the principles of quantum nature, such as wave-particle duality, quantum supervision, and the observer effect. All of these are main contributions to the foundation of quantum jumping. Still, the groundwork holds many different interpretations, from historical events to spiritual or metaphysical activities.

What makes Reality Shifting?

Reality shifting is also considered an ancient practice; however, the term has been used most recently. Thanks to the use of the Internet and social networks, many shifters worked together to discuss, share, and build a solid understanding of how we can shift realities. Considering the scientific explorations of how we think quantum mechanics work and the observer's important role in shaping existence, reality shifters developed different theories about different interpretations of reality shifting. Simplifying it to Shifting is the active practice of moving one’s consciousness from this current reality to many other (infinite) desired realities.

By active practice, I mean that reality shifting can only occur with an internal effort from the practitioners, who must actively engage with shifting techniques/methods while having a solid imagination of the desired reality they are shifting into.

This is just a unified description of what reality shifting has to offer, there are many other theories, and experiences that can describe it entirely differently if this is your first time learning about reality shifting and you hold a desire to give it a try I advise you to start the easy way, a book that can summarise everything for you is a solid start-point, YouTube videos can also work perfectly, keep yourself focused on one creator or two to make sure you don’t get driven by their personal experiences.

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**What is reality shifting -oniri.io

What’s the difference?

We can see that both are very close concepts, reliant on the nature of quantum mechanics, and allow for pure exploration of the observer’s mind by testing its limitations. Let's explore some key differences between reality shifting and quantum jumping.

1. Reality Shifting offers more limitations:

Instead of focusing on infinite copies of one current reality, shifters have no limitations on what their desired reality can look like, its laws, or its characteristics.

2. Quantum Jumping and the self-help niche:

The beauty of quantum jumping is that it teaches us how to overcome our current reality limitations and align with our purpose to embody a better version of ourselves. Authors worldwide have taken advantage of this beauty to craft well-known books in the self-help genre; some are considered very helpful to millions of readers, while other titles are just seen as a retelling of quantum jumping with a bit of hope baiting.

3. Quantum Jumping is more challenging:

While I personally think that both quantum jumping and reality shifting are dependent on the subconscious mind to achieve or activate the techniques, we can clearly see that quantum jumping is a bit more challenging as it encourages practitioners to break free from the subconscious limitations. This is no easy task; the subconscious mind is very powerful and is ruling many aspects of our existence, so for someone looking to quantum jump/leap, even if it takes too long or you might lose interest already, you leave with a better version of yourself, a version that has understood its limitations.

4. How long it takes:

As I mentioned above quantum jumping can take as long as the leap requires, maybe weeks, months, or even years(it can take less for some people). On the other hand, we have shifting realities, and it usually takes less time depending on factors like dedication, the nature of DR, the techniques, and personal factors. Reality shifting can happen the day you first hear of it; you practice the methods, and you can execute your desired reality. However, most people must get in hand with the concepts, their desired realities, and what methods suit them better(EX: Visual or non-visual techniques, with a script or without).

5. A way back home:

Can you return to this reality after visiting your desired reality? If we take another look at the definitions of RS and QJ, the answer will become clear. Quantum jumpers envision parallel universes or alternate dimensions where they exist in slightly altered circumstances. These realities share similarities with our current world—the same people, places, and events—but with variations. Imagine a reality where you’re a successful entrepreneur, a renowned artist, or a superhero. So, by definition, you can always go back to your current reality after achieving a quantum leap; however, the person you will return to is no longer the original one, not in a bad way, but a new person with new knowledge and skills that can be used to alter your current reality. We flip the coin now, what about reality shifting? Is there a possibility of being stuck in your desired reality and never returning? What if you get lost at Hogwarts Library for months or even years? This is very far from happening; although those realities are as real as this one, your consciousness is still linked with your physical body within this current reality, so you are free to come back just by waking up.

6. Creative Tool:

Writers, illustrators, animators, musicians, or artists dream of experiencing their craft in person, allowing interaction and valuable feedback. If this is your intention, reality shifting is the way to go. There are no limitations to where you can shift, and it doesn’t matter if it's fictional; you can shift to any world from your favourite book, movie, or anime. For professionals, it's possible to craft the desired reality related to what you are working on, experience it, gather some feedback and work more on it before the publishing/release date. Quantum jumping can also help upgrade your skills but is limited to what this reality has to offer and can be unsuitable for creators who want to stay away from personal attachment.

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**Multiverse -Wierd.com

What are the similarities?

Now, after we took a look at what makes reality shifting different from Quantum jumping, it is time to dive into the similarities that make both of these experiences not strange to one another but actually what some people believe are the same thing.

1. Both offer to explore through consciousness:

At their deep core, reality-shifting and quantum-jumping seek to allow its practitioners to move their awareness from one reality to another(note that some shifters argue that it's possible to shift from a DR to another). Now, with no bias, it is possible to say that both experiences offer the same reward: visiting an alternate reality.

1. Both offer to explore through consciousness:

At their deep core, reality-shifting and quantum-jumping seek to allow its practitioners to move their awareness from one reality to another(note that some shifters argue that it's possible to shift from a DR to another). Now, with no bias, it is possible to say that both experiences offer the same reward: visiting an alternate reality.

2. The Multiverse Way

Quantum physics assumes the existence of parallel universes, each with different outcomes. Both concepts align with this idea and go further for us to explore them.

3. Techniques and Methods

Both require techniques or methods to motivate your consciousness to shift/jump and execute the desired reality. Practitioners of both concepts utilize a set of techniques to form an effective method, and within those methods, we find Visualization, relaxation, breathwork, and scripting. All are used for quantum jump and reality shifting but with different attention and order.m.

4. Subjective Experience and Belief:

Although many shifters/jumpers agree that the reality being visited is as real as this one, the information or study material brought back to our current reality is conditioned to the practitioners' subjective observation and personal attachment. This makes it very hard to debate under a scientific microscope and leaves us with thousands of questions to answer.

Final Wisdom: What to choose?

As we move this investigation closer to the domains of shifting realities and quantum jumping, we must consider the paths each offers and how they interact within the broad field of consciousness research.

The world of reality shifting is full of possibilities, where practitioners can explore worlds only constrained by their creativity. It offers the chance to see and participate in different realities, creating experiences based on personal preferences. The canvas of reality shifting knows no boundaries, spanning from far-off galaxies to Hogwarts, and it is a creative refuge for dreamers, artists, and searchers alike. Quantum jumping, on the other hand, reveals the complex dance between intention and manifestation, encouraging practition ers to guide themselves across the universe by lining up their thoughts with their intended results. It offers a path of self-discovery and growth, challenging individuals to transcend subconscious limitations and embody their fullest potential. Through quantum leaps, one can sculpt a reality that reflects one's most valid aspirations, forging a path of purpose and fulfillment.

Explore the fascinating concepts of reality shifting and quantum jumping in our latest article. Delve into the similarities and differences of these phenomena and discover what they can offer to your understanding of reality. Perfect for those curious about the boundaries of perception and reality.

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