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Monk’s Physical body stays alive after their Death: The Rainbow body and elemental energies Explained

In most cases, when people face death, their bodies begin to slowly die and disappear; But that is not the case here, as the bodies of some Tibetan monks remain fresh after what appears to be their actual death.
These monks see death as a transition from the physical world we are currently in, to higher universal consciousness. Meaning that the physical body was just a container (containing the soul) and after the end of life, the soul extends again.

What is the Rainbow Body?

Rainbow body cave

Simply, Astral projection is complete relaxation or the sleep of the physical body while conscious. At this point, the projector must emulate and propel its own energy, as well as consciousness outside its physical body. Thus, energy work exercises are necessary for Astral projection. (astral projection use a good amountThe physical body is just a small layer with many multidimensional bodies that expresses the soul's existence in all dimensions. These beliefs and thoughts shape the reality of Tibetan monks. It's known that with some deep meditation practice the individual can achieve the appearance of the rainbow body with five radiant... Continue Reading...

Three Shifting Obstacles That can prevent you from Visiting your Desired Reality

Many people are fascinated by reality shifting in a world where options seem limitless, and the lines between fact and fiction seem to blur. Moving oneself to a preferred reality where hopes are realized, and ambitions come true is alluring. Nevertheless, despite the curiosity, many encounter barriers that thwart their attempts at reality-shifting. The common belief that changing into a desired reality is an impossibility frequently obscures the true potential that is within our reach.

a man with classic outfits observing parallel worlds

Breaking Down Belief Barriers:

The beliefs we hold can have a significant impact on how we approach and are open to reality shifting. These convictions may be deeply ingrained and derived from events that have influenced our cultural, societal, or individual understanding of reality. Some would even contend that the viability of reality shifting depends on one's religious convictions.Continue reading..

Meditation and the Human Brain: Unlocking the Mysteries

In the ever-shifting landscape of human understanding, one ancient practice continues to beckon us with its mystique and promise – meditation. Picture, if you will, a symphony of neurons firing in harmony, creating an intricate dance of consciousness within the confines of our skulls. We’re embarking upon this enigma – a journey into the profound relationship between meditation and the human brain.

meditation beyond mind and ego

Grey Matter and the Power of No-Thoughts:

The realm of no thoughts is an enigmatic place where ideas and emotions perform complex routines. In the middle of the never-ending flow of thoughts and feelings, it is a place of rest and a haven of peace. Let's explore this area and learn how meditation can change the structure of our brains.....Continue reading..

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